Home Essentials

Renting a package will provide you a solution that is quick, easy and competitively priced:

There are 3 durations

  • Short term 1-3 months, perfect for when you are waiting for your own furniture shipment.

  • Medium term 4-11 months, for when you will be in Spain for a specific time, and you don’t want to be limited in your search for a rental home.

  • Long term 12+ months, very useful if you are going to be in Madrid for longer, and you can’t find a furnished home that you like..

And there are 2 types of packages:

  • The “Just furniture” package: all the furniture you need for your new home.

  • The Turn-key” package including the furniture, plus all the other items you need to move in straight away..

We can also offer packages of Large Appliances.

Choose your duration to find out more:

Furniture  packages. Short term, Home Essentials Furniture packages. Medium term, Home Essentials Furniture  packages. Long term, Home Essentials

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