1. How long can I rent for?     
2. Do you rent to private individuals or only companies?     
3. Where can you deliver to?     
4. Is the rental by days, weeks or months?     
5. What items do you offer in rental?     
6. How do I select furniture?     
7. Do you offer a design service?     
8. Can I see the furniture before I select?     
9. Is the furniture new?     
10. Is there a maximum or minimum of what I can rent?     
11. Is there more furniture available than I see on the web? Can you send me a catalogue?     
12. Why are there no prices on the web?     
13. Is there a rent-to-buy option? Can I buy something when the lease finishes?     
14. Do you offer delivery and installation?     
15. What are your hours for delivery and pick up?     
16. How quickly can you arrange a delivery?     
17. What documentation do I need to provide to confirm a rental? What steps are there in the rental process?     
18. How do I pay?     
19. Is there a security deposit? What’s it for?     
20. Can I make changes after delivery? Can I add or return items?     
21. What happens if I don’t like something that is delivered?     
22. What happens if something breaks or is damaged? Is there an insurance policy?     
23. What happens if my circumstances change, and I need to extend my rental?nbsp;    
24. What happens if my circumstances change, and I need to return furniture early?     
25. What do I do when I want to return the furniture?     
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