How it works.


1) After speaking with the client and visiting the home, we will prepare a detailed quotation based on the furniture we recommend based on the style selected by the client. Once the quote is approved, we will fully furnish the home, if necessary before the client arrives in Madrid/Barcelona. This is the quickest and easiest way, because the client can move directly into their home on arrival, saving costs and increasing comfort.

2) The client, or their representative, comes in person to our showroom and selects the furniture. Once selected and the quote is approved, we will organise the delivery and installation at the time required by the client.

Home Essentials takes care of everything: we prepare the furniture, we deliver it to your home on the selected day, where we install everything and take away the packaging. And most important: when you leave or when your shipment arrives, with one call from you, we will come and take everything away.
We always hold a wide selection of furniture in stock, both new and previously rented, so you can find the style that suits. In any case, our furniture is covered by our free maintenance throughout the rental.

SHORT TERM: (up to 3 months)

    Why live in a hotel for weeks or months waiting for your shipment when you can move straight into your new home?
    • Renting furniture short term is much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and above all, it´s much more comfortable for you and your family.
    • Rent only for the time you need.
    • Rent for your parties, corporate events and multimedia productions.
    • You can rent everything you need, from wine glasses to beds, and from bed linen to flat screen TVs.
    • Friends or family coming to stay from abroad: rent a bed!
    • No security deposit required and freedom to return the furniture when you need


For all other situations when you will be here for less than a year and it´s not worth buying furniture: for work, for training, for family reasons or just for pleasure.. In Spain, it´s hard to find rental properties for less than a year, but to find them well furnished is very difficult. If you rent the furniture, you increase your options.


If you rent the furniture, it means that you can make any rental property a furnished property! Quite apart from the tax advantages, nobody offers the options and service of Home Essentials at a similar price:.

    •        - Full assistance at the beginning
    •        - Speed
    •        - Flexibility
    •        - Personal service
    •        - Maintenance throughout
    •        - Options to buy whenever you want

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